November 15, 2019

Alberta Plans Tourism Boost by 2030

What’s in it for Canmore Real Estate?


Travel Alberta has a target to skyrocket tourism by 2030, with a $20 billion goal. This promises to create more business overall throughout the province, and it’s perfect for planning in real estate!  It’s never too early to brace ourselves for what [we look forward to] could potentially increase the curiosity of homeowners, buyers and tourists alike.

Canmore and Banff’s tourism highlights an abundance of recreational activities with the surrounding mountains like Three Sisters, Mount Rundle and the Banff Lake offering countless opportunities for adventure and relaxation such as downhill skiing, skating, cross-country skiing, mountain biking, hiking trails, rock climbing, bird watching and fishing for our residents and visitors.

The beauty of the area inspires those who visit to live here and experience nature at its fullest year-round.  A privilege not a lot of people could say they have, and with a development this big on the rise, there is no doubt there may be big questions in preserving the area’s natural resources.

Travel Alberta CEO Royce Chwin addressed some major concerns by saying; “We in fact don’t use the term “over tourism”, we just talk about the management of tourism. Quite frankly, the term just lends this idea that the Bow Valley has been completely over run, it’s not – we know that because Parks, being in partnership with Banff and Lake Louise Tourism, are doing proactive things to try to protect the environment and the experience,” People are going and experiencing the destinations in different ways, in shoulder seasons like fall or winter as an example, and that’s where there’s opportunities to create more experiences, and create more businesses and community wealth come. This why we work together in this team Alberta approach to throttle on or throttle off our business opportunities.”


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Travel Alberta targets $20 billion in visitor spending by 2030, no concerns of over-tourism in the Bow Valley