The Rundleview area of Canmore is a jewel that some visitors and even residents are not fully aware of. A great location that has the benefits of being close and walkable to downtown, through the great trail system of Canmore, while also bordering onto the Canmore Nordic Centre and just steps away from the Quarry Lake recreational area and the off leash area beside.

Developed in the 1980’s the area has a nice mix of beautiful single family homes combined with 5 townhome condo projects. In the last 10 years we have seen an increase of renovations taking place in both the single family homes and townhome condos.

Walking through Rundleview you can see and hear the pride the residents have and the love of the community. Many owners choose this area specifically and would not even consider moving elsewhere.

Some of the street’s in this area include: Ashley Close, Deer Place, Evergreen Circle, Grassi Place, Olympic Drive, Rundleview and Silvertip.

Quotes from past and current residents:

"I lived up in Rundleview and loved it. My running/biking trail started at my back door and I could go for hours never hitting the same trail twice. The ability to enjoy a late day walk downtown or grab the leash and take my dog to the off leash area were the highlights”

  • Drew B

"We loved Rundleview so much, while renovating our home in Rundleview we purchased a condo to live in so we could stay living in the area”

  • Greg M.