Situated on an area between Bow Valley Trail and the Number 1 Highway, Teepee Town is a small neighbourhood that offers an interesting mix of properties, from older single family homes and duplexes that could be great starter properties to complete redevelopment opportunities for the savvy investor. Much of the land in this neighbourhood has been zoned for multi unit development, meaning that newer 4 and 5-plex buildings can be seen in and around some of the smaller mature bungalows throughout the area. Teepee Town also offers very close access to the local hospital and many medical offices, as well as the many businesses and eateries that line Bow Valley Trail. In addition, Teepee Town also is a very short walk or drive from Main Street, the fabulous new Elevation Place, as well as amenities such as grocery stores, retails shops, as well as our local Middle and High Schools.

For those with an eye towards doing a little (or sometimes a lot if thinking about building) work, Teepee Town offers a wealth of opportunity.

Some of the street’s in this area include: 1st Avenue, 2nd Avenue, Mountain Avenue and Three Sisters Creek.