One of the longest stretches of Canmore real estate, the Bow Valley Trail area runs along (as one might expect) the Bow Valley Trail from the eastern edge of town all the way to the western edge, and is the hub of visitor accommodation property. Many of the apartment style complexes that run alongside Bow Valley Trail are zoned as visitor accommodation, which means that while the units do generally allow for full ownership, owners are not meant to live in them year-round. Most of these properties are placed in a professionally managed rental pool when not being used personally by their owners, and as such provide a way for ownership costs such as condominium fees and property taxes to be offset by rental income. Many of the buildings also offer amenities for their owners and guests, from outdoor heated pools and hot tubs, fitness rooms, cafes and restaurants, and even small theatres!

Bow Valley Trail Real Estate

In addition to these visitor accommodation units, many buildings also have units that are tourist zoned, which allow for both short and long term rental, as well as full time living - often a popular choice for those that would like to have the maximum amount of flexibility possible in their ownership. Finally, one can also find buildings that are designed expressly for full time living as well, meaning those looking for an entry level property in the Canmore market that work in the area can own in a location that offers great access to the Town center’s amenities.

Some of the street’s in this area include: Industrial Place, Kananaskis Way, Lincoln Park, Montane Road, Mountain Avenue, Mountain Street and Sidney Street

228, 17th Street
1621 1st Avenue