The single family homes and close location to Elizabeth Rummel Elementary School make this area perfect for those families with young children, especially when the abundance of playgrounds, trails, and local shops and cafes are factored in. A strong feeling of community can be felt throughout the streets of the Cougar Creek area, as many full-time residents of Canmore choose to call this area home. Being on the north side of the valley, Cougar Creek basks in the long afternoon sunlight throughout the year, while enjoying the dramatic mountain ranges to the south including the Three Sisters and Ha Ling Peak. The close proximity to the Town centre also means that residents of Cougar Creek can enjoy a short drive if running errands or a scenic stroll using some of Canmore’s extensive trail systems.

Cougar Creek Real Estate

This neighborhood is predominantly made up of single family homes, but also features some townhouse and apartment style condominiums as well, making it an excellent area for everyone from first time home buyers in Canmore to weekend warriors to those looking for their dream mountain home. Properties in the Cougar Creek area range in age from the 1980’s to the 2000’s, providing a number of opportunities for those looking for a place to call home in Canmore.

Some of the street’s in this area include: Blackrock Crescent, Bow Meadows, Cougar Court, Cougar Creek Drive, Cougar Point Road, Coyote Way, Grizzly Crescent, Grotto Road, Grotto Way, Hoodoo Crescent, Kodiak Road, Lady MacDonald Drive, Pioneer Road, Settler Way, Silvertip Close, and Trapper Rise.