August 14, 2023

Canmore: A Nature Photographers Dream

Are you aspiring to be a nature photographer? Wanting to perfect what you have learned? A professional in the industry? Canmore has everything you need to grow as a shutterbug. With vast mountainscapes, contrasting vibrant colors and flowing rivers, you will never run out of creative inspiration. The scenery in Canmore changes season to season which inspires people's innovative side. Spring sparkles with thriving wildflowers, summer boasts lush greens and coruscating teals,  fall introduces radiant ambers and winter shines with bright white and conflicting sky blues. Join us for this season to season breakdown of what to expect when capturing the perfect shot in the mountains.

Summers Alpine Glow:

The days grow longer in summer, giving photographers an awe-inspiring lengthy window of sun soaked peaks to capture. The mountain tops glow bright pinks, oranges and reds in response to the sunrise (usually between 5am and 6:30am).  Many photographers take this opportunity to head down to Policeman's Creek and try their hand at getting the perfect alpine glow shot of the Three Sisters. Into the late evening, as the day draws to an end, a different opportunity arises. The ombre effects of the night sky creeping in, casting a shadow over the Bow Valley. Getting off the Valley bottom is a great option to seize the perfect image. Take an evening hike up Ha-Ling Peak to watch the sunset but be sure to have a headlamp, bear spray and know your route.

Fall Delivers a lot More than Pumpkin Spice Lattes:

Contrasting colors is what fall is all about and Canmore does not lack in its fall offerings. Although mostly surrounded by evergreen trees, Larch trees are hidden in sporadic pockets around the Valley. Due to being deciduous conifers, when the weather cools in fall, the needles on the larch trees transform the valley views into a golden opportunity for photographers. Heading outside of town to some of the more densely populated larch forests is a highly suggested. Larch Valley, located near Lake Louise is the ideal place to capture this phenomenon. The backdrop of the mountains set off against the greens and yellows of the forest leads to dramatic and vivid snaps that will leave you wanting more.

 Brrr-illiant White Snow as Fall Comes to an End:

Winter in Canmore is the adventure lovers dream. Between skiing, snowboarding and ice skating, not to mention all the other winter sports, there is rarely time to rest. If adventure photography is your passion, there will be an abundance of moments to capture. The everchanging environment progresses with the temperature fluctuations throughout winter. This means that having your camera at hand is a must for all your winter excursions. Head to the slopes to snap some epic action shots. Grab some xc ski's, book into a backcountry hut and glide your way to some awe-inspiring locations. Even just going for a wonder around town will produce some breathtaking photos.

Spring Serenity and Mountain Blooms:

The warmer weather brings a new found energy for all living things in the Valley. The bears are awakening to blossoming meadows, budding trees and a warm breeze. Spring is a great time to work on your wildlife photography. The season brings a whole new lease of life to your capturing opportunities. Take a drive down the Bow Valley Parkway from Banff to Lake Louise and you will be sure to see some awesome landscapes and potentially some of the astounding wildlife. Moraine Lake has gained its popularity in recent years as a great spot to snap the sunrise. Be sure to take time to appreciate the moodier weather that comes with spring. The perfect time to take advantage of some low lying clouds, grey skies and puddle reflection's.

The landscapes of the Bow Valley are a never ending blank canvas for photographers. No matter the season, you will be sure to find an incredible moment to capture through the lens. The changing seasons bring completely new inspiration to the aspiring cameraman. Whether you are here for a quick visit or you live long term in the Valley you will never tire of venturing out with  your trusty camera at hand.

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