August 15, 2008

Mountain town offers skiers’ paradise

Three beautiful, world-class ski destinations are within a short drive of Canmore, making it a four-season recreation destination – and what better way to celebrate winter than by taking to the slopes?
Besides skiing, other winter activities include heli-skiing and hiking, gondolas, snowshoeing, carving, dog-sledding and swimming in the nearby Banff hot springs.
The ski destination are Ski Norquay (Mount Norquay in Banff), Lake Louise Mountain Resort and Sunshine Village.


Lake Louise Mountain Resort

  • Height: Vertical, 991 meters; base elevation, 1646 meters; peak elevations, 2637 meters.
  • Size: 6,797 Hectares.
  • Average snowfall: 454 centimeters.
  • Runs: 139, of which 45 per cent are intermediate. The longest run is 8 kilometers
  • Equipment: one 6 passenger, high-speed chair; one high-speed, 6 passenger gondola; 2 quads.
  • Transportation: Able to move 15,240 people per hour
  • Information: Canada’s largest single ski area, Lake Louise involves four mountain faces and has 139 named trails.

Ski Norquay

  • Height: Vertical, 503 meters; base elevation, 1630 meter: peak elevation, 2133 meters.
  • Size: 76.9 hectares
  • Average snowfall: 300 Centimeters.
  • Runs: 28, of which 44 percent are advanced or expert.
  • Equipment: one High-speed quad, 2 quad chairs, one double chair.
  • Transportation: able to carry 7000 people per hour.

Sunshine Village

  • Height: Vertical, 1070 meters; base elevation, 1660 meters; peak elevations, 2730 meters.
  • Size: 1359 Hectares.
  • Average snowfall: 914 centimeters.
  • Runs: 107; more than half rated intermediate.
  • Equipment: One 8 person high-speed gondola; 5 high-speed quad chairs; 2 quad chairs; 1 triple and 1 double chair.
  • Transportation: Able to carry 20,000 people per hour
  • Information: It involves 3 mountains. Average snowfall is nine meters annually.
  • The 8-person gondola is the world’s fastest.