" "We have never had to use the services of a Realtor/Broker, let alone in another location than where we lived. We quickly learned there is more to this game than you driving us around to everything in the world that is for sale and asking us '...what do you think?'. You took the lead through the critical discussions with the builder, including some issues of some past concerns you had regarding post-purchase service by that builder. You realized that our primary requisite was to feel comfortable with the builder, and led us through that process." "In the detailed walk-through and listing of deficiencies, you saw more than we did. You took the 'tough' position with the builder, allowing us to be the 'reasonable' people in the negotiating process.' "Brad, we could not be happier, nor express adequately our gratitude for your leadership through the process. Our 'Canmore' experience working with you was not a hassle at all - it was a pleasure. It took us surprisingly little time, because you dealt with us in a professional manner, knew what we wanted, and helped us get it." "

Sylvia and Pierre Crevolin